Lunches and play lunces may be ordered from the school canteen.  The canteen is open from Monday to Friday.  Our canteen policy is in accordance with the Australian Schools Canteen Association's Guidleines and as a school we promote healthy eating habits.  Foods are organised into Green Zone foods (everyday foods) and Amber Zone foods.  Amber Zone foods are foods that should be selected carefully as they have fat,sugar or salt added.  In our school Amber Days are Monday and Friday only, whilst Green Days are everyday.

Lunch orders should be written clearly on a paper bag or envelope and should show the child's name and room number. Where possilbe the correct money should be provided and wrapped or placed in the lunch bag.  Lunch orders must be placed in the classroom lunch tubs at the start of each day.  Counter service for some items is available at recess and lunchtime.  The canteen is managed by Mrs. Elizabeth Ketkas who is supported by wonderful parent helpers.  Extra help is always welcome, so if you are available between 9am and 2pm and are interested in joining in please contact the office.


 Please click here to download a canteen menu.