Title Date Added Format Size
2015 Lalor North Primary School Peer Review 10/05/16 pdf 682.24kb DOWNLOAD
2016-2019 School Strategic Plan 22/05/17 pdf 628.50kb DOWNLOAD
ABC Reading Eggs 07/09/15 pdf 5,208.04kb DOWNLOAD
Before and After School Care 14/05/15 pdf 151.89kb DOWNLOAD
Canteen Menu 15/02/19 pdf 664.90kb DOWNLOAD
Child Protection Reporting Policy 11/11/16 pdf 376.20kb DOWNLOAD
Child Safe Code of Conduct 08/09/16 pdf 265.74kb DOWNLOAD
Child Safe Policy 08/09/16 pdf 458.67kb DOWNLOAD
Feeling Safe at Primary School 31/03/17 pdf 64.56kb DOWNLOAD
Homework Policy 25/07/13 pdf 210.22kb DOWNLOAD
Parent Payment Policy 15/11/16 pdf 689.98kb DOWNLOAD
Parents Complaints Policy 19/08/14 pdf 358.69kb DOWNLOAD
Personal Propery Policy 22/03/19 pdf 490.41kb DOWNLOAD
Protecting Children from Abuse 31/03/17 pdf 130.88kb DOWNLOAD
Student Enrolment Form 22/11/13 pdf 1,411.02kb DOWNLOAD
Student Uniform & Dress Code 22/03/19 pdf 419.29kb DOWNLOAD
Uniform Order/Price List 22/03/19 pdf 89.47kb DOWNLOAD