School Canteen

Our School Canteen operates from Thursdays and  Fridays each week, providing healthy lunch options for our students. Our canteen menu has been updated to ensure that it meets the Department of Education healthy eating guidelines and foods are coded as everyday foods or occasional foods.

Lunch orders must be provided to the canteen at 9am so that all foods ordered may be prepared in time for our lunch eating time.  Healthy snacks are also available for sale at the canteen counter during the recess and lunch breaks.

Our Canteen Manager, Liz Ketkas operates the school canteen every day.  If you would like to help in the canteen, please contact the school office.

Lalor-North-PS-Canteen-menu-2023-as-of-june.pdf Lalor-North-PS-Canteen-menu-2023-as-of-june.pdf (231kB)