Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Lalor North Primary School strives to provide the educational experiences and wellbeing supports for all students to be able to reach their full potential and thrive.  We are proactive in working with our partnerships and engaging the support that is required for our students and their families.

Our Current Partnerships are:

  • Repurpose IT

  • Good360

  • Village OSHC Before and After School Care

  • Playgroups Australia

  • Speech Pathology in School (SPS)

  • The Smith Family

  • State School Relief

  • Canine Comprehension

  • Life Education Australia

  • Food Bank

  • RSL – Returned and Services League

  • Whittlesea Council Community Connection

  • Glasses For Kids

Supports and Services include:

  • Foundation House
  • Koorie Education Officers
  • Nurse in Schools
  • Department of Education – Visiting Teachers
  • Orange Door
  • Be You
  • DPV Health Transitions in Schools