Our Uniform

Our Uniform

The purposes of the school uniform are to distinguish the school in public, build a school identity, help build an inclusive environment and to provide parents with cost effective and convenient clothing for school.

Lalor North Primary School has a compulsory school uniform.  It must be worn at school, on excursions, at sporting activities and any other special occasions where students represent the school.  It’s important that every student feels comfortable and has a sense of belonging to our learning community while feeling pride about being a member of our school community each school day.

Our Uniform Supplier is A PLUS SCHOOL WEAR - Northern Regional Unforms

Unit 3,  30 Heaths Court Mill Park 3082
Phone: 9436 4005

Email: info@northernregionaluniforms.com.au

For online orders via the website visit www.aplusschoolwear.com.au

School_Uniform_Pricelist_2024.pdf School_Uniform_Pricelist_2024.pdf (288kB)